Boulder Tree Removal Specialists

We specialize in Boulder tree removal because sometimes a tree cannot be saved. Many times proper pruning can prolong the life of a tree, but some circumstances require tree removal. We have taken down and removed dead, diseased and decayed Boulder Cottonwoods, from the smallest to the largest of trees. Our certified Boulder County arborists are versed in the tree species common in the front range and mountains of Colorado. We exercise great care while performing tree removal services. We are licensed and insured and utilize only the best safety practices not only for our crew but also to protect your property.

Safety and Risk in Tree Removal

Our certified arborists perform tree risk assessments to determine the hazard a tree holds for you and your property. It is important to have a professional help you decide if a tree needs either pruning or removal. Commonly, trees need removal because decay has undermined the tree's structural integrity. The proximity to structures, utility lines and walkways is also a factor to avoid injury or damage to buildings. Sometimes overcrowding or lack of space requires a tree to be removed, this lets the other trees grow to their full potential and improves the look of the property. In Boulder, construction projects will try to work around large trees if possible, but in some cases the construction project will require tree removal.

We focus both on safety and efficiency. We are seasoned and trained in tree removal giving us a notable and proficient skill set in the use of complicated rigging techniques, and the use of cranes and booms to cut from the top down and lower wood safely instead of just cutting at the base like lumberjacks.

Free Tree Removal Estimates

We are happy to provide free estimates for tree removal. We are confident that we can complete your project on time and on budget. We provide tree removal services in Boulder and throughout Boulder County including Longmont, Louisville, Lafayette and the surrounding areas along the front range. Call us for more information or to schedule an appointment 303-931-9282.

Tree Tip #2

  • Keep Soil Loose

    Even something as simple as heavy foot traffic can compact the soil around the base of a tree, which in turn limits the amount of water and air (basic needs for a tree) that can reach the roots. Make sure the soil surrounding your trees is loose.

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